What is Coworking worth?

Coworking is something, just like any new invention, that you will not know about unless you interact with it and you won’t typically run across it unless you are outside of your comfort zone, the corporate office, but it is growing by leaps and bounds so it is worth investigating. There is a lot of information out there about coworking, and admittedly, a lot of skepticism. One of our favorite explanations of what it brings to the table is in the link below.

What we have found, really with any change, is that new things can not be forced onto people and coworking is no different. People really need to discover it for themselves somehow and be allowed to use it if they like it and we think this video introduces it just enough for people to say, hey, there might be something to this. Also, the loneliness factor is something that most people won’t admit, based on the typical idea that it equates to something wrong with them. However, this video helps people identify with others and acknowledge that this is a common problem. Lastly, even if people are bought into the idea, like us, owners of two coworking spaces, it is most useful as an optional place to work, not a replacement for meeting with customers or even working from home which is super expedient and extremely convenient. For example, this post is being created from home today and it is during normal business hours.

What is it worth? That is up to you to decide but what is motivation worth? What is one more sale worth? What is one new contact or potential employee worth? What is a health of an employee worth? On the other side, the typical cost for a coworking membership is in the $100 or $200 dollar per month range. The person that will use a space needs to tour and talk to a couple places and just go for it. If they don’t like it, try another place out. They are all as different as restaurants are. Almost all coworking spaces operate on a month to month commitment like ours or you can do day passes so it’s not a big decision really. The other thing is this can be seen as a perk, and nowadays, people are looking for reasons to stay with their company, and a working place with a cool vibe is important.

Any questions let us know!

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