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About Iron Clad Coworking

Coworking is professional yet flexible office and meeting solutions. With Iron Clad you get two spaces for the price of one and because we are part of the Proximity Network you can use coworking spaces around the world for free.

Our Wamego Kansas space is a three story limestone structure built in 1884 at 427 Lincoln Ave. Over the years it housed many businesses including the Kansas Agriculturist and Duckwalls. The Iron Clad namesake is from two long gone businesses in Wamego, The Iron Clad Store and Iron Clad Lumber Co. It is located next to the Wamego Public Library. Our Manhattan space is located in the heart of the MHK business district at 407 Poyntz Ave next to della Voce and across from The Wareham Opera House.

The Iron Clad Coworking spaces are strategically positioned within the growing Flint Hills Economic Region along the Highway 24 & I-70 corridor which includes Wamego, St. George, Manhattan, Ft Riley, Ogden, and Junction City and is home to some of the fastest growing counties in Kansas. There are many organizations nearby with unlimited potential including K-State Global Campus, Purple Wave, Civic Plus, and NBAF.  The Manhattan area includes nice hotel accommodations including the newly constructed Hilton Garden Inn.

Become a Coworking Member

Walk in the door and you'll notice a mindset change. There are people working on their startup or home based business instead of working from their home office. Some are there just for a temporary office with a day pass or as a virtual office if they need a physical address. Entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, architects, attorneys, K-State Graduates.  If you are mobile we have a place for you.  Non members can also use the meeting rooms for an offsite meeting for a strategy refresh or conference.  Our coworking spaces are located in the downtown business districts of both Wamego and Manhattan just a walk away from coffee and lunch.  

At Iron Clad, you first register for a free community membership which allows you to list your business for others to see and be involved in some community activities. You can then upgrade for $70 per month for nights and weekends access, $95 for weekday access, and $145 per month for anytime access. We also have a day pass so you can join below and start today!

Reasons to upgrade beyond the free community membership:

  • We keep snacks and coffee around.  Sometimes that's all you really need.
  • Meet with your clients at our premium locations.
  • Reduced rates for meeting room reservations.
  • Your name goes on our website for increase visibility.
  • The best deal is unlimited hugs and high fives!
  • Drag and drop your things in a locker with mail slot.
  • Visit other Proximity Network Coworking spaces 3 times a month for free if you have a $99 or up membership.
  • One membership gets you access to both Wamego and Manhattan locations.
  • Get seen on our 24/7 storefront TV billboards or better yet add on store front window signage for an extra few dollars per month.
  • Our spaces have plenty of natural light.
  • Strategize with our whiteboards in a meeting room with a large display.
  • Get up to speed with Gigabit internet download and upload!
  • Save the day with our color printer.

Host your Event at Iron Clad

From weddings to celebrations, offsite meetings to conferences, transform our professional space for your big event.


Our Wamego space is our best solution for a wide range of professional or social events.

  • Main Area located in our open coworking area includes use of a 75" TV and seats up to 30 for semi private events for $50 per hour.  Private events for up to 175 people are between $100 and $150 per hour and also include use of the Flint Hills Boardroom and Lincoln Ave meeting rooms.

  • Flint Hills Boardroom seats up to 20 and includes use of a 65" TV and is $50 per hour.  It can be custom organized for your special event.

  • Lincoln Avenue Meeting Room is set up like a living room and seats up to 12.  It includes use of a 50" TV and is $35 per hour.


We are currently not booking our Manhattan space for private social events.

  • Mezzanine seats 8 and is located above our open coworking area is semi private. It includes use of a 50" TV and is $35 per hour.

  • Back Space seats up to 20 and is $35 per hour. This area has a 65" TV and is the most secluded area in our MHK space.  It can be custom organized for your special event.

Connect with us for a tour

We would love to show you around one or both of our spaces downtown.  Let us know when you want to meet or just ask a question below.

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Our Wamego Space

427 Lincoln Ave, Wamego, KS 66547

Next to the Library, across from City Hall


Our Manhattan Space

407 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan, KS,  66502

Across from The Wareham Downtown Manhattan.


Availability Calendars

Find time for your event but contact us for more information:  785-458-9403

Coworking Members

Jol Klein & Michael Petermann: Cross Point Community Church

Jason Heath, Doug Mericle, Dustin Ringer: Westar Energy

Cara Miller: LetsZiv.com

Marcie Robertson: Washburn University Graduate Student Pursuing Masters in Social Work

Phil Brown: Liberty University Online

Laura Pennell: Sparkle Cleaning,Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Christian Dodge: ECI Systems, Rock Solid, LLC

Matt Moody: Bellwethr Data Analytics, UTurn Artificial Intelligence, HitchPin, SalesBlox

Stephanie Wick: Andrews & Associates Counseling

Tristan Curtis: TC Tech Support & Solutions, LLC

Jacob Kelly: All Things Green Landscaping

Roland Walter: Avant Ministries

Heather MillerStudio AmbitPoppy Tees

Paul and Tracey Bearman: Kaw Valley Exterminator

Aaron McKee: Purple Wave Auction

John Schuetz: Berkshire Hathaway First, REALTORS®

Transition to Proximity FAQ page by Darin


Q. Is Iron Clad going away to be replaced by Proximity? A. No, Proximity is just the software we are using to manage our Coworking space.


Note: KISI no longer works in either of our Wamego or MHK Spaces. Those doors are now accessed through Proximity. If you have successfully logged in to Proximity, you should add the keys to your phone following these directions. Add keys to your phone. You must have your location services turned on for Proximity to know you are at the door.

Q. Why aren't keys showing up for me? A. The most likely reason is that you don't have access at that time. For example nights and weekends members will only show keys available during the nights and weekends and from 12-7 in the morning, and 5-12 in the evening.


Q. Do I have to enter a credit card to submit a reservation? A. Yes if you do if you don't have payment information already entered in for your membership. Once you do that you don't have to do it it every time.

Q. Can I be reimbursed for cancellations? A. We will need to manually do that for you if that happens. Let us know as early as possible so others have the chance to use the room if needed.

Q. Is there a way to edit my reservation? A. Not at this time. You'll need to cancel and redo your reservation. - Let us know if you need a reimbursement.


Q. How do I get charged for reservations in Proximity? A. Unlike Cobot which consolidated your reservations and charged you at the beginning of the next month, with Proximity when you make a reservation for a conference room, you are charged for the reservation the moment you make the reservation.


Q. How do I make a reservation in Proximity? A. Login to Proximity. Make sure you are in the correct space by looking at the lower left where it "Spaces". Once you are in the correct space, at the top you will see "Conference Rooms". Click on that and select "Book Now" and follow the prompts.

Q. Where do I book my reservations? Cobot or Proximity? A. Proximity. As of today we have put a hold on changing the calendar through Cobot to eliminate confusion. Let us know if you need to change an existing booking it's no problem.

Q. I've seen a listing of companies posted in the Proximity Network. How do I put my business in there? A. Go to either Iron Clad Wamego or Iron Clad MHK  and click on "Companies" at the top of the page. You can also go directly to those pages at Iron Clad Wamego Companies or  Iron Clad MHK Companies. Once you are there it will give you the option to "Add a Company". Let us know how it goes. We would love to see a huge listing of companies in the Wamego and Manhattan Area. This information is accessible from anyone anywhere.

Q. Do I need to do anything yet? A. Yes, you should have received an email from proximity. Please follow the directions in that email to create a password and make sure you can access your account in proximity.


Q. I tried to get the keys app working. when I go into my profile to download my keys nothing shows up? A. It’s not working yet. Until it does use the KISI app.

Q. I've joined the Wamego space on Proximity, will I also need to go thru the MHK message and set a password for that? A. You can only have one proximity login but you can join multiple spaces. When you are logged in you should see the separate spaces along the left hand side toward the bottom. Right now for example it shows I have membership at 3 locations. The 2 Iron Clads and also a membership to a space in Montana that I have been communicating with. I joined as a free community member. If you happen to be traveling near a Proximity space I would look into checking them out.

Q. The membership page on proximity.space shows two membership entries (Wamego & MHK) with two payments ($145 each for Level Up option). Will this be consolidated to a single payment for the two sites? A. You will only need to pay for one space and the other space will be the same level of access but be free. The way this will work is one of your Iron Clad memberships will be paid for and the other one will be identical but have a 100% discount.

Q. Will the Kisi app still be functional for a while? A. Yes KISI is still fully functional. During this transition we will be installing new KISI hardware and then we will switch over to the Proximity access route. We will let you know when that is available.

Q. The transition to Proximity seems like a Classic win-win. A. Yes I think this is going to change us in a positive way. Firstly as the Proximity network grows, it can potentially provide more value to our members. I’m happy with the outlook on this.