What is Iron Clad Coworking?

Iron Clad offers memberships and facilities for coworking, offsite meetings, and celebrations. It is a for profit business that strives to be a place where people are treated the same no matter their title or position. Because we have two locations in the area, a membership at Iron Clad allows the use of both spaces whichever is convenient.

The Wamego space is in a limestone building built in 1884 and is mostly made up of an open area with two private meeting spaces partitioned by garage doors. We have a speaker/mic system that can be used when larger groups use the space. With 5200 sf, the capacity is 175 people. The Manhattan space is smaller at 2600 sf and has three areas with a large working area in the front, a small meeting are in a mezzanine and a larger meeting area in the back. This building is also an older building being part of the Downtown Manhattan Historic District which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

We chose the locations of both of our spaces to be very similar in amenities and our focus is mostly open work areas and meeting spaces. Both spaces are located at street level in the downtown business districts in their respective cities near well known landmarks and restaurants. Both are on the street level with prominent store front windows. Each has internet with 1 Gb upload and 1 Gb download capability and a number of large TV's all with Apple TV connectivity. We also have a TV billboard located in each of the store front windows scrolling and advertising our space as well as our members to people walking on the sidewalk. We have business card holders for members to put their information and member lockers that also double as mail boxes. There is a printer/scanner/copier for member use with no limit or monitoring. Members can have their business names displayed on our store front windows as an add on.

We hope to continue to help make commerce happen in the Flint Hills area! Let us know if you'd like to try it out.