Startup and scale with coworking!

So something amazing just happened in our coworking space. Neal and Andrea Wollenberg have just made the leap into their own space right out of Iron Clad. We advertise that a coworking space is a great place to scale your business but it was amazing to see it take place right before our eyes and so quickly. Uncorked Inspiration started using Iron Clad for Paint and Sip events just one year ago and they've been able to take amazingly low risk steps right up to the point where it makes sense to move on to their own place and with a gallery, costume party ideas, and retail there is so much more they are going to do now that they have their own place. We know it's the best thing for them and Iron Clad at this point. Check them out at 121 S. 4th Street, Suite 106 Downtown MHK!

Darin MillerComment