The Sharing Economy has made it's way to Kansas

The sharing economy is booming all around the world but what is it anyway? I used to drive a wheat truck to the Walton Co-Op shown above which was a type of shared resource but what is happening now is that personal things are being shared and they are being enabled by e-comerce. You can now turn your spare bedroom into a hotel with AirBnb and taxi people in your car with Uber. Both AirBNB and Uber are now available in Wamego and Manhattan. The basic idea is matching up an available resource with a current demand. Another sharing economy business is coworking. This is what Iron Clad does. We make a professional space available for use by people that need a place to work and meet with people. Let us know how you are taking advantage of the sharing economy especially here in the Kansas. You can also learn more about Iron Clad Coworking with the link below.