Iron Clad Coworking Membership FAQ

We use Cobot/Proximity for membership, invoicing, and reservations.

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your membership

  • reset your password

  • look at your invoices

  • Look at the activity calendar and make reservations

  • When you want to make sure you have a meeting room or are bringing in clients to have a meeting you might want to make a reservation in a meeting room

  • You can delete a reservation made in Cobot but not in Proximity.

  • Let us know if you want to the Iron Clad calendar on your google calendar.

  • When you make a reservation you as member need to be present.

We use KISI/Proximity for Door lock access

  • As a member you have access to both spaces but you’ll need to join both spaces, one as a free community member and one where you pay for your membership.

  • Door access corresponds to membership.

  • Please use best judgement letting someone in, members have their own key

  • If there is someone asking questions about Iron Clad direct them to the business cards to contact us

Printers are available in both spaces. There is no limit but use judgement.


  • We like to recycle anything with a recycle symbol and cardboard and paper.

  • What to do when the trash is full – you can take it out, it’s ok.

TV Billboards– these operate 24/7 let us know what you want and let us know if you would like to change your slide.

Website member listing – let us know what you want.

Turning off the lights

  • MHK lights are on a schedule

  • Wamego lights are not on a schedule, you can leave them on but if you can, turn off the lights in the evenings.

Member Community

  • Snacks and drinks – they are there for you, use your judgement for guests

  • Can you bring in clients? Yes.

  • Rearranging the furniture – it’s ok, just put them back

  • If there is something you need let us know

  • Making coffee – please do

  • Professional Atmosphere – be respectful of others

  • When to use the meeting rooms? When you need the space and for discussion/sound

  • Iron Clad Member Facebook Group – join in the conversation

  • When TP is out – put another roll on the dispenser 

  • Members can make or break the space for you and everyone. Be a good coworker!